Car lift
ProductName:Single-post car lift
Maker:Guangzhou Icare Technical Co., Ltd.
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underground single-post lifter for car, D-100X

1, installed undergroud, save your place.
2, 5-10 Bar pressure air as lift power,
3, lift weight 2.5T~4T
3, max 1.8M lift height
4. high quality cylinder
5, strong material, stainless.
6, 360 degree turn over.

Technical Index:

International advance tech.
1, No electronic power supply, connect 5bar ~ 10bar high pressure air,Lifting weights
up to 2.5T ~ 4T (base on pressure)
2,The body and cylinder are anti-corrosion, anti-rust, chrome-plated, can work in
water, it is installed directly in the ground, the soil backfill,30mmthickness on the
ground do the hardened layer without doing waterproofing work.
3,Hydraulic buffering insurance, lift smoothly,without lift shock, without two side
imbalance, There will be no the risk of vehicle sudden drop, compared to other
types lift more secure.
4, The upper part of the cylinder can be rotated full round.
5, Particularly suitable for car wash, vehicle chassis cleaning and car repairing.
6, Lifting height can reach more than 1800mm